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Frequently asked questions

Kathyawad Ventures is a Micro VC Firm committed to supporting the
startup ecosystem. Its mission is to curate and nurture startups through the
“3rd Horizon Scaleator” program, helping them become “Business Ready” for
scaling in a dynamic cross-border market.

Kathyawad Ventures provides funding with cheque sizes ranging from 50
lakhs to four crores (INR), making it accessible to a wide range of startups at
different stages of development.

Kathyawad Ventures has a total commitment of USD 5 million available for
investments and supporting startups.

Kathyawad Ventures distinguishes itself by its focus on the Scaleator
program, which goes beyond financial backing. It offers support, mentorship,
and connections to help startups scale effectively.

The “3rd Horizon Scaleator” program is designed to prepare startups for
successful scaling. It offers guidance, resources, and a platform to navigate the
challenges of the business journey.

Kathyawad Ventures has partnered with accelerators in 40 countries,
including InnovX in Romania, to provide startups with access to international
networks, markets, and opportunities for growth.

Kathyawad Ventures is open to a wide range of startups but has a particular
interest in Indian startups. We seek startups with growth potential and a need
for mentorship and support.

Startups can typically apply through Kathyawad Ventures’ website or by
reaching out directly to their team. Details about the application process can
be found in their corporate deck.

Kathyawad Ventures aims to build long-term partnerships with startups,
providing ongoing support to help them succeed in the ever-evolving business

Kathyawad Ventures is open to collaboration with likeminded accelerators
and partners who share their vision and goals in supporting startups.

You can refer to our team for a detailed overview of the firm and its

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